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Who is Tiger Soybeans?

At Tiger Soybeans we can trace our soybean story back to 2002, 15 years ago. It all started in rural Indiana with IOM Grain LLC, our parent company. IOM Grain started producing high quality non-gmo premium soybeans grown on the rich soils of the Mid-Western United States. Having great success with domestic and international food manufacturers, IOM Grain is now one of the world’s leading suppliers of the highest quality, certified Non-GMO soybeans.

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Organic vs. Non-GMO Soybeans

People often ask what are the differences between organic and non-gmo soybeans? The true differences between "Organic" and "Non-GMO" Soybeans boils down to how the soybeans are grown and maintained in the field. In the United States to be qualified as an "Organic" soybean, the soybeans must have limited fertilizers used and no herbicides are to be used. To be certified as "Non-GMO" soybeans, in the United States, limited herbicides can be used and good fertility practices must be followed.... Read more