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Who is Tiger Soybeans?

At Tiger Soybeans we can trace our soybean story back to 2002, 15 years ago. It all started in rural Indiana with IOM Grain LLC, our parent company. IOM Grain started producing high quality non-gmo premium soybeans grown on the rich soils of the Mid-Western United States. Having great success with domestic and international food manufacturers, IOM Grain is now one of the world’s leading suppliers of the highest quality, certified Non-GMO soybeans.

Fast forward to 2013, IOM Grain decided to bring, direct to consumers, the most premium quality, superior tasting soybean in the world! We named this amazing bean, Tiger Soybeans, the perfect soybean for making soy milk in your home, providing a rich, smooth taste that’s naturally sweet. Tiger Soybeans has fast become a consumer favorite!

With Tiger Soybeans, our mission is to make our clean, premium Soybeans available everywhere to everyone at an affordable price. We think it is important to have this heart healthy, protein and vitamin-rich bean in every household because we know consumers are looking for more ways to live a balanced life, with better health and more energy!

IOM Grain works directly with its growers and has a hand in each step of the soybeans getting to consumers; from growing to cleaning and packaging! Every soybean is precision cleaned four times and meticulously screened, sized, sorted and tested to ensure the highest quality will be delivered to our Tiger Soybeans customers.

The amazing, perfect bean. Tiger Soybeans!

Tiger Soybeans Product 800 Gram Bag

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