Tiger Soybeans are among the best tasting soybeans available on the market!

Most people that make and drink soy milk at home or drink lower grade soymilks from commercial outlets tend to complain about the "beany" taste. This has long been a complaint about soy milk and some companies have added additional flavoring to try and disguise this often bitter taste. The 'beany' flavor is the result of the action of a enzyme called lipoxygenase; as the name implies, the enzyme is involved in the oxidation of the lipids or fat, which results in the 'beany' flavor which is unfavorable.

Tiger Soybeans have been developed in a natural way to not have a high level of lipoxygenase. This variety has been tested over the last decade, and has a proven track record of acceptance and smoothness for a better tasting soybean. Tiger Soybeans simply taste great!

Tiger Soybeans in a Pile
Girl Drinking Tiger Soybeans Soy Milk

A Naturally Sweet Taste

Another taste factor that goes into a good soybean is the sucrose level of a soybean. Sucrose content in soybean seeds is desired to be high because as a sweetness-imparting component, it helps in wider acceptance of soy-derived food products. It is naturally derived sucrose, not refined as table sugar - it is naturally occuring in Tiger Soybeans and has a fiber base which improves the food quality and taste of the soybean. Often times people will add flavoring such as sugar to their soy milk to change the taste and make it more desirable, with Tiger Soybeans it is easily enjoyed without adding the extra flavoring.

Until recently, Tiger Soybeans produced by IOM Grain LLC have only been available to top level soymilk producers in Japan and limited markets in Asia, now with Tiger Soybeans as an end consumer product, consumers can control the ingredients in their soy milk and other soy products made in the comfort of their own home with confidence.