Soy milk is a nutritious common dairy alternative especially for the lactose-intolerant. Although pre-packaged commercial soy milk is readily available at the grocery store, soy milk made at home is ultra-fresh and additive free. Making your own soy milk lets you absolutely control its ingredients leaving out un-wanted ingredients and additives often found in store products.

Using Tiger Soybeans, each bag contains 800 grams of dried soybeans where in a standard soy milk recipe you will use approximately 100 grams of dry Tiger Soybeans to 1 liter of water which then produces 6 individual 6 ounce servings of soy milk! Having dry soybeans on hand at any given time guarantees you can have healthy, protein and calcium rich soy milk available at anytime!

Making Soy Milk at Home is Easier Than You Might Think

The easiest way to make soy milk at home is by using a soy milk maker machine, also the fastest! You can also make soy milk without the soy milk machine, you’ll just need a good blender and either cheesecloth or a fine strainer and a little patience and pre-planning for soaking your soybeans ahead of time. A milk maker machine only takes around 30 minutes from start to finish for you to have fresh homemade soy milk whereas without the soy milk maker, not counting the soaking of the beans overnight, can take around an hour with the boiling process. Need step by step instructions? How to make Soy Milk with a Soy Milk Maker or How to Make Soy Milk at Home (without a Soy Milk Maker).

Tiger Soybeans are among the cleanest whole dry soybeans available on the consumer market. Every Tiger Soybean is precision cleaned four times and meticulously screened, sized, sorted and tested to ensure the highest quality, consistency, and flavor in order for you to make the best soy products in the comfort of your home.

Once you’ve tried Tiger Soybeans, you’ll be hooked! The natural flavor, rich, smooth taste and consistency is unmistakable!