Recognized as the highest quality, Non-GMO soybean available anywhere, Tiger Soybeans is a product of IOM Grain, LLC.

Founded in 2003, IOM Grain is recognized as a world-class, food grade facility specializing in cleaning and packaging its premium grade soybeans for our domestic and international food manufacturers.

Every Tiger Soybean is precision cleaned four times and meticulously screened, sized, sorted and tested to ensure the highest quality and a flavor that is unmistakable in its rich, smooth taste and consistency.

As the exclusive source for our products, IOM Grain is directly responsible for every aspect of product development – from the time it goes into the ground for planting until it reaches you, our customer.

We work with our growers year round to make sure the quality of our products is in every bean we produce and that it matches our customers exact specifications. To make sure that standard is met, we use our in-house certified lab to check and certify our beans meet the highest quality standards.

If you’re interested in purchasing or selling Tiger Soybeans or to talk with someone from our staff, contact us today at (877) 283-8882.

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IOM Grain Facility Located in Jay County Indiana USA