12 Pack - Tiger Soybeans Premium Certified Non-GMO Whole Soybeans for Soy Milk Grown in USA

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12 Packs of Tiger Soybeans - Total of 21.12 Pounds of Whole Premium Non GMO Soybeans for Making Soy Milk at Home!

Tiger Soybeans are premium quality certified Non-GMO soybeans grown from the worlds richest soils on the Midwestern farms of the United States including Indiana, Ohio and Michigan.

High in protein, Tiger Soybeans are heart healthy and low in fat, cholesterol-free and provides bone healthy minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium. Perfect for a vegan or vegetarian diet to gain your daily protein needs or for a natural healthy lifestyle choice.

Each resealable pack is 800 grams (1.76 pounds or 28.2 ounces) of whole soybeans that are meticulously cleaned and sorted for the best quality, nutritious soybeans which are also uniform in color and size.

Each bag can make up to 48 - 6 ounce cups of Soy Milk all depending on how you make your Soy Milk; your water to soy bean ratio.

Choose a Single Pack, a 4 Pack or a 12 Pack Box; the more you buy at one time the lower the price per bag goes!